Photography from Gerald Henzinger

3.86 kilometres swimming, 180.2 kilometres on a bike and a marathon to run. No more and no less are the demands for the participants of the Ironman. These almost inhuman distances attract spectators. They want to see the oppressed. Their strength, their will and their relief when they pass this challenge. The winner's photos go around the world. But what do the faces of the sportsmen look like after a completed Ironman?
With Ironfaces Gerald Henzinger shows portraits of Ironman finishers from the Ironman 2012 in Klagenfurt. The people are marked, releaved, disappointment or satisfied by their effort. The pictures show the faces in large format. Every detail is visible, nothing will escape the camera.
220 athletes are photographed in this photography series. Immediately after crossing the finish line. The feeling of having accomplished something remarkable is still fresh. Some hobble in, are wiped out and happy at the same time. Others cannot be photographed any more. They are taken from the finish line directly to the military hospital next door.

About the photographer
Gerald Henzinger, born 1976 in Oberösterreich, studied Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna and graduated from the Photoschool Vienna. In 2004 he lived for a year in Bolivia and from 2008 until 2011 in Mosambik. Gerald started 2004 with photograpy and continued developing his own style whilst in those countries. He published in different media like GEO, DATUM, FotoObjektiv,, ProfiFoto and WOMAN.
Gerald himself has also participated in extreme sport events like the cycle race Trondheim-Oslo, with its 550 kilometers. Because of this he can put himself a litte bit into the situation of the athletes.

Gerald Henzinger, Wien



Photos: Gerald Henzinger


Photography Exhibition in the Gallery PhotoSecession
Gallery PhotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Wien

Opening: Friday March 15th 2013, 8pm

Opening Hours: 18th - 28th March 2013
Monday to Thursday: 4 pm-6 pm

Admission free

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