photography exhibition

Photo: Markus Hippmann


Photographs by Markus Hippmann

The work of photographer Markus Hippmann moves within the photographic realm of simple, often everyday motives. He photographs the themes of the forest, water and snow, and within which he concentrates on the perception of light, colour and form.

Within his portrait photography Markus Hippmann attempts to capture the essence of the photographed person. Among his other photographs, he portrays the charm of his subjects through different lighting conditions and colour moods, whereby the actual subject of the image recedes into the background.

In this way, within the exhibition trusted things appear in a new light and are seen from unusual views.


Further information on the photographic work of Markus Hippmann is available on the website

photography exhibition

Photo: Markus Hippmann

Photography exhibition inPhotography Studio Marchetti (FaMa)
Photography Studio Marchetti
Marchettigasse 14
1060 Vienna

Opening: Thursday, November 25, 2010

Opening Hours: November 29-December 8, 2010
Monday to Thuryday: 3 pm-5:30 pm


Admission free

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