photography perspective of a chilli

Photo: Andrea Widy



We see what we believe, and we believe what we see. Our thinking influences our way of seeing and vice versa. Much in life is a matter of opinion and depends on the perspective of the viewer. Every photographer strives and desires to see the world anew in order to attain insight and therewith produce new photographic outlooks. An unusual perspective of things is always sought after, and this in turn depends crucially on the position of the photographer.

Photographs from the students, graduates and staff, of the Photography School Vienna are on show in the exhibition ‘POINT OF PERSPECTIVE’. All the photographers have dealt intensely with the theme of perception and dependent on their outlook this has led to many varied and extraordinary images. The method of approach determines the perspective.


Exhibiting photographers:

Andrea Widy
Bärbel Tomasi
Daniela Unterkirchner
Hannah Fiedler
Markus Hippmann
Matthias Hempt
Pauli Bauer
Sabine Pfeifer
Vera Goegele
et. al.

perspective photography

Photo: Vera Goegele

Photography exhibition in PhotoQuarter Vienna
Schlössl Kino, Margaretenstraße 127, 1050 Vienna

Opening: Friday, November 5, 2010, from 8pm

Grand Finale: January 28, 2011, from 7pm


Admission free

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