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Photo: Veronika Weinbergmair


POVSTRIA (ÖSTERARM) - Poverty in Austria

Austria is considered affluent. However even in Austria there are still more and more people living below the poverty level, who become the victims of social exclusion. Many nolonger know how to afford the basic costs of living and therefore become welfare recipients, end up in shelters, or even on the streets. This is reason enough to devote a photography exhibition to this topic in the ‘Year of Poverty’, a chance to look closer instead of always looking away and for 'POVSTRIA' to show the poor Austria.

For this occasion the Photography School Vienna is organising an exhibition of photographs from students and graduates, which can be seen in line with of the final conference hosted by the Austrian ‘Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection’ for the ‘European Year of Poverty’.

Participating photographers:

Christian Betz
Daniela Braun
Doris Brandner
Isabella Marboe
Paola Zofrea Battipede
Pepa Georgieva
Peter Rauchecker
Roland Grand
Sonja Bachmayer
Veronika Weinbergmair

Photography exhibition in Theatre Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18
1040 Vienna

Opening Hours: November 9-November 21, 2010

Admission free

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