deserted spaces photographyPhoto: Nikki Harris


Photographs from the group "Liachtmola"

Empty spaces, deserted rooms, abandoned factories – we sought these apparent "LOST PLACES" in order to create a picture of how it might have been. We are surrounded by locations such as these, however in daily life they do not penetrate into our consciousness as they do not meet the prevailing criteria of abnormality. Significantly the past is often seen to equate a place of hazard; therefore not easily accessible to, or experienced by, the public.

To us it seems essential to make these places experienceable. Thanks to our imagination the fragments of memorabilia are held in an image, and recompose the once whole and alive picture, through which they become accessable for the viewer.

The ubiquitous past of these places produces a real connection to the present, and thus influences our sensation and perception of the here and now. Our images are projections of the past and we offer viewers, through the medium of photography, the chance to find their own presence.

The exhibition "LOST PLACES" is understood as a fragmented picture book of the past.


deserted spaces photographyPhoto: Bernd Bogensberger


Liachtmola is an association of three Austrian photographers, who photograph together and who have, in the past few years, dealt intensely with a variety of approaches to the concept of ‘urban landscapes’.

All of the photographers (Sonja Bachmayer, Bernd Bogensberger, Nikki Harris) are graduates of the Photography School Vienna and maintain an intense photographic exchange.

Exhibiting Photographers:

Sonja Bachmayer, Bernd Bogensberger, Nikki Harris


deserted spaces photographyPhoto: Sonja Bachmayer

Photography exhibition in the Fotozeile Wien
Fotozeile, Rechte Wienzeile 77, 1050 Vienna

Opening: Friday 9th November 2012, 7 pm

Opening Hours: November 10th - 18th November 18, 2012
Monday to Thursday: 5 pm - 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 2 pm - 6 pm

Admission free

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