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Photo: Markus Hippmann

Photo: Markus Hippmann



April 2013

Pinhole fever throughout Vienna!

The Photo School Vienna offers a pinhole photography event and photo exhibition to celebrate World Pinhole Day on 28/04/13.

Photo event: Pinhole photography with the digital SLR camera

Despite many people knowing what pinhole photography is, most don’t realise that that it is not just a photography method using a shoe box which you experiment with in drawing lessons, but that you can also make wonderful pinhole photographs with a digital SLR camera. Therefore the Photo School Vienna in cooperation with the House of Photography Vienna is providing a free photo event to celebrate World Pinhole Day on Sunday 04/28/13 enabling everyone interested in the pinhole camera to come along and learn more. Anyone who owns a digital SLR camera with a lens cover can come along and join the Photo School Vienna’s excursion into the countryside around Vienna creating pinhole camera photos on Sunday 04/28/2013. All photographers who participate in this joint photography event are also invited to have one of their photos which they capture on this day shown in a presentation at the opening of the pinhole photography exhibition "Back to Nature" at the Photo School Vienna. This will result in each photographer becoming a part of the overall concept of the photo exhibition. .

Date: Sunday, 04.28.2013, 10:00 - 16:00

Meeting place: Galerie FotoSecession, Rechte Wienzeile 85, 1050 Vienna

Prerequisites: own digital SLR camera including lens cover, from which a pinhole adapter is made.
Participation in the pinhole photo event is free, registration by e-mail at office@fotoschule.at is essential, subject line "Fotoaktion Pinhole Day".