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Sonja Bachmayer at the opening
Photo: Markus Hippmann

Opening "Unwanted"
Photo: Andreas Svirak

Ines Altschach at the award ceremony
Photo: Sonja Bachmayer



June 2013

Exhibitions Review, June 2013

June has been a busy month for the House of Photography Vienna. We have hosted three very different fantastic exhibitions.

The first was in the gallery PhotoSecession, an enlightening exhibition of current works by photographer Sonja Bachmayer “Landscape in a mirror – the reverse side of nature”.

The second was a thought provoking evening in PhotoQuarter with a photography exhibition and film presentation to mark World Refugee Day. The group exhibition “UNWANTED?” highlighted the plight of people coming to Austria, and remember all refugees who have been forced to leave their homes to due conflicts and natural disasters.

And the final exhibition in June was also in PhotoQuarter and celebrated the photography work by all the students who are currently finishing their studies at the Photo School Vienna. The final exhibition of the students from the 3rd and 4th semesters was a diverse and provided a very varied and entertaining exhibition.

Congratulations to Ines Altschach who won the peoples vote for best series and best individual image on the evening!

Straight from June into July and whilst the galleries at the House of Photography take a well-deserved break for the summer the Photo School Vienna stays a hive of activity and opened its doors to the summer school. Watch this space exciting for updates!